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“Dear Dr. Rampi: I LOVE my new teeth!! You were right, they do look very natural. I’m very happy with them! Thank you so much for giving me back my smile!" - H.L.

A testimonial such as the one shown above can be found elsewhere such as in Google reviews.  However, sometimes "a picture is worth a thousand words".  

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This testimonial and the photos shown above pertain to a patient who was afflicted with an unfortunate dental malady known as amelogenesis imperfecta.  This condition prevents the normal formation of the protective outer layer of enamel of the teeth.  Without healthy enamel, the patient's teeth were prone towards rampant tooth decay despite meticulous efforts in proper oral hygiene.

Fortunately, crowns performed here at VP Dentistry were placed to cover and protect the teeth.  These crowns, in essence, replaced the enamel that didn't form naturally.  Performed several years ago, this patient is, to this day, very grateful for a new smile that's both health and beautiful!  This is just one example of the joy that we, as dentists, find in helping those who have experienced an unfortunate malady affecting a person's teeth. More testimonials are provided below.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: These photos are used with the expressed consent of the patient and are the legal property of Venetian Pointe Dentistsry. Unauthorized use of these photos is strictly prohibited.

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Dr. Richard C. Rampi

By Jennifer H.


“Dear Dr. Rampi: Your thoughtfulness is appreciated more than you know. Thank you for always going the extra mile in making sure I have the perfect SMILE!!!”

By Kristin S.


“Dear Dr. Rampi and staff: I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. You were all so kind from the beginning and put me at ease even though I was terrified! You have changed my life and I will never again be afraid of the dentist.”

By Maria J.


“Dear Dr. Rampi: Thank you very much for taking the time to see me this morning. Above all, thank you for your kindness in showing and sharing your expertise with me. Your demeanor is greatly appreciated and reflects that you are a very careful and caring person. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!”

By Marie H.


“Dear Dr. Rampi: Thanks for my new ‘tooth’! It feels wonderful and better yet is knowing that I don’t have to fear the drill anymore. You did good! As always, you are the best. You just gave me another reason to be in awe of you, even though you did have to go 2.06 beyond ‘Free Bird.’ ”

By Ken S.


“Many a person has received a certificate of DDS, but only a handful of them become a true MASTER TRADESMAN in their field. It’s not often that I am impressed with someone’s work for I am a master tradesman in my field and you, sir, have impressed me with your skill and knowledge. Many a DDS has inflicted pain on me when working on me and I found their work to be inferior. The proof of this is in the loss of teeth I have. You, sir, are the first to ever work in my mouth that I did not feel pain when having work done. The filling that you put in my front tooth I not only cannot feel, but also cannot see or find the work that you did. It looks and feels like my natural tooth! “In closing, Doc, all I can say is that you have truly revitalized my faith in dentistry. If only I found you twenty years ago! I have no doubt that had I found you then, I would still have all my teeth to this day. My hat is off to you, Doc. You are a true MASTER TRADESMAN!”

By Carol N.


“Dear Dr. Rampi: What a relief!! Thank you so much for taking care of me. There is no pain like a toothache!! I am always amazed by your incredible level of skill (NOT TO MENTION THE BEST TEMP. CROWNS EVER!). I think you should consider teaching dentistry one day to pass your skills on. Never mind, that would be impossible; they broke the mold with you. Thanks so much again.”

By Susan S.


“Dear Dr. Rampi and staff: My heartfelt thanks to all of you for all you did for me during my recent dental emergency. Your consideration, concern, and care are very much appreciated. Again, thank you for everything.”

By Pat G.


“Dr. Rampi: I just wanted you to know that I am so pleased with the work you have completed on my teeth and smile. It is always a pleasure to come to your office and your staff is so warm and friendly.”

By Paula C.


“Dr. Rampi: It’s nice to know that there are still people who take such pleasure in doing special things and making others feel good … thank you. You’re really someone special. I love all the wonderful work you have done, and thanks for making me feel better and look better!”

By Vena K.


“Dr. Rampi: Thank you so very much for helping me out. It takes a lot of schooling to become a dentist, but no amount of schooling can teach you how to be a caring person and a genuine one too. I’m sorry I had stopped seeing you as my dentist, but now know the 1 ½ hour drive is totally worth it. Thank you, again; your effort and kindness were not lost on me.”

Dr. Justin E. Palmer

“Dr. Palmer and his staff are fabulous!!! All very welcoming and approachable. The office is incredible, too: right behind Universal Studios in Dr. Phillips. Great visit!!! Thank you.”
— Patient

“Absolutely one of the greatest dentists in town. I would give him 100 stars if I could.”
— Patient

“Dr. Palmer did a great job on my filling. It was painless and reasonably priced. I trust him with my kids and the rest of my family.”
— Patient

“My visit with Dr. Palmer was fantastic. His office appears to have been recently renovated and is clean. The office staff was friendly and helpful getting me set up before seeing him. He was professional and I did not wait long to see him. I would recommend him to all of my family and friends.”
— Patient

“I was recommended to Dr. Palmer. I’m new to the area and needed to see a dentist for some dental work. Dr. Palmer was excellent. He was very professional in the work he performed on my crown. This was my first experience with having a crown made and it went great! The final product looks and feels great. Very glad I was referred to Dr. Palmer, and I plan to use him for all future dental work.”
— Patient

“Went to Venetian Pointe Dentisty for the first time the other day. Just moved to the area and hadn’t had my teeth cleaned in a few years. Came here on a recommendation. Was seen by Dr. Palmer, who was great. I was on a tight schedule to get to work and he spoke to the staff to make sure I made it on time. Everyone was friendly. Dr. Palmer especially was cool. My wife came on a different day and also saw Dr. Palmer for the first time for some crown work. She loved him. Two thumbs up; I’ll be sending friends this way.”
— Patient

“I highly recommend Dr. Palmer at Venetian Pointe. The staff was very pleasant and friendly.”
— Patient

“Wonderful office. Dr. Justin Palmer was my dentist, he was excellent.  Highly recommend him.”
— Patient

“Dr. Palmer and his staff were great. I highly recommend him.”
— Patient

“Great. No complaints.”
— Patient

“Dr. Palmer cured my dental anxiety and nervousness. He was so calm during the crown, and it rubbed off on me. Wonderful dentist!!! I will definitely come back to him for any other work I need.”
— Patient

“I didn’t even feel the shot. I thought that he was joking when he gave it to me then my whole face was numb. His assistant was really nice too.”
— Patient

“Great visit. I was extremely nervous, but he explained everything he did and kept me calm during the filling.”
— Patient

Dr. Richard A. Rampi

"Simply, they. are. the. best.
My wife and I have been going here a couple years now and have never had a better experience at a dentist office. They take their time and answer all your questions. Katina takes care of my teeth like a pro! She does such a thorough cleaning every time! Dr. Rampi is phenomenal and has taken great care of my wife. We trust Venetian Pointe Dentistry!"

- Andrew Zook

"I'm a verified dentist scaredy-cat, which is why I hadn't been to a regular dentist in 15 years. It was that long ago when I met Dr. Rampi and his incredible staff, and they were able to give me a new smile, a clean mouth and a confidence that coming back to maintain would be the continued welcoming and comfortable experience I was living, and so I did. Then I moved away, had a couple of experiences that were nowhere near the bar this office had set, moved back and here I am 15 years later. I looked up Venetian Pointe Dentistry and he was still there - equally important was the dental hygienist Janie, who is an amazing soul, who pretty much held my hand through every procedure with unprecedented patience and kindness towards my anxiety, was also still there. The best of all, nothing's changed - Dr. Rampi, Janie and literally every one on the staff of Venetian Pointe Dentistry has their arms open wide when you walk in, and do everything in their power to keep you calm and at ease. They work with whatever your needs are, they don't rip you off, they are honest and truly decent people. These are the vibes I choose to surround myself in my daily personal and professional life, and I have found it here with Dr. Rampi and Janie, my two superheroes. No matter who you get connected with in this office, you will walk away grateful you found them."

- Charles Perry

"Venetian Pointe Dentistry is an extraordinary find for dental care. The office staff are friendly organized and very helpful!  My family and I have been provided excellent care from Dr. Rampi Sr. for many years.

Recently I had a procedure done by Dr. Rick Rampi Jr. and was very impressed with his dental expertise and professionalism. I also appreciated his caring personality that made me feel at ease.

Dr. Rick’s assistant ,Heyam, demonstrated a great deal of knowledge and professionalism as well. Together they make a wonderful team! Thank you both for providing me top of the line care!"

- Ruby Kelley

"Dr Rampi is the BEST Dentist in town. Heyam, his assistant is the BEST dental assistant ever. Make sure to ask for her if you want the best dental experience.  They are sweet,  they put their patents at ease. Heyam explained what she was doing for me so I knew what to expect.  My visit was very pleasant.  I already recommended them to all my friends and families."

- Fouzia Al

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