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Proper dental habits and regular checkups for your child are vital for establishing good oral health and hygiene at a young age. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children have their first dental visits around when the first tooth erupts. This first visit is simply to introduce the baby to the dentist and the office. At the very least, it is recommended for the first visit to be at the age of three. At Venetian Pointe Dentistry in Orlando, Florida, we provide a fun and safe environment that helps to put your child at ease and start their oral hygiene journey off strong.

New teeth arrival

You will begin to see baby teeth emerge between 6 and 12 months, and will continue to see new tooth growth until around three years old. Your child’s gums are going through a lot during this time, so to help alleviate some of the soreness and tenderness it is recommended to occasionally soothe the gums with a clean finger, cool and damp towel, or a teething ring. 

Baby teeth begin falling out and are replaced by permanent teeth around 6 years old, and continue to do so usually for five or six years after losing the first tooth. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt and present in the later teenage years.

Healthy dental habits

It is important to keep a close watch on your child’s teeth as they start to come in. Check their mouths every two or three weeks, paying attention to any lines or discoloration that could be a sign of early decay. Make sure that your child develops consistent brushing habits, and pay special attention to sugary food or liquid consumption, as those can lead to early cavities. 

Use an infant toothbrush when the first tooth appears. This can be a long-handled toothbrush that you and your baby can both hold simultaneously to encourage your baby to participate in its own dental hygiene. You could also opt for what essentially looks like a finger puppet, sliding over the finger with bristles at the end for brushing. 

You can introduce toothpaste with fluoride once your child is old enough to understand that they should not be swallowing toothpaste. The AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) recommends using a "smear" of fluoride toothpaste twice a day when the first tooth appears and until age 3. Once your child has turned 3, a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste can be used.

Make brushing your child's teeth a fun activity. Remember, kids emulate their parents, so if you are consistently brushing, they will do the same. 

Dental visits

As is the case for adults, children should be making regular trips to Venetian Dentistry at 6 month intervals. Coming in for a checkup that includes fluoride treatments and teeth cleanings help them to maintain oral health and keep teeth strong. 

Tooth sealants may be recommended that seal the grooves in your child’s teeth to prevent decay from forming in areas that are more difficult for children to reach while brushing.

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