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Fall 2019

As seen in the photos below, fall colors are peak at VP Dentistry!  As we give thanks during this Thanksgiving holiday, we thank each of you, our valued patient, for entrusting VP Dentsitry to "Guide the Way to Better Health"!

Heyam (left) and Kimberly (right) are shown below celebrating their work anniversaries at VP Dentistry.  Heyam joined "the crew" two years ago whereas Kimberly has been a valued member of the crew for the past 27 years!  Thank you ladies for your dedication and for the exceptional service you provide for our patients!!!

The several photos shown below depict "the crew" at VP Dentistry having a great time participating in the annual Halloween bash!  This year's "theme" was a murder-mystery spin-off of the board game Clue!

The group photo is shown above.  Included in the background from left to right are The Fortune Teller (Heyam), The Banker (Kimberly), Bernadette (a flapper, Lona), The Baker (Janice), Mrs. Gold (another flapper, Laura), Mrs. Peacock (Trish), The Mayor of Monopulus (Dr. Rampi), and Inspector Clouseau (Dr. Palmer).  In the foreground are The Gardener (Marie) and The Black Widow (Victoria).

The mayor was the victim.  The inspector did solve the mystery with the perpetrator being The Black Widow who strategically placed one of her many black widow spiders which resulted in the mayor's death!  A good time was had by all (and Dr. Rampi is alive and well!)!!!  Individual photos are shown below.

The photo below shows Trish and Victoria celebrating Victoria's birhtday (along with other members of "the crew" not pictured)!  Happy Birthday Victoria!!!

Boss's Day 2019 was Wednesday, October 16th!  The photo below shows the wonderful celebration held at VP Dentistry!  Janice, Janie, and others provided a delicious spread which featured Janice's delectable Cuban sandwhiches!  Drs. Rampi and Palmer thank "the crew" for the acknowledgment!!!

It's October 1st ... Halloween is right around the corner!  As shown in the photo below, Victoria has the office all ready for the occasion!  Happy Halloween!!!

Summer 2019

The photo below shows Dr. Rampi being double teamed while celebrating his birthday!  Meanwhile, Grandson Ben is not sure what to make of this!!!

It's back-to-school time and Victoria has the office all set ... “the teacher is in"!  Back-to-school is an exciting time of the year!  We at VP Dentistry hope your summertime was special!  We'll look forward to seeing you again soon!

VP Dentistry celebrated the work anniversary of four of its crew members in August!  Pictured below from left to right are Janie (22 years!), Michelle (13 years!), Laura Mae (11 years!), and Ana (1 year!)!!!  Between these four, there's 47 years worth of excellent serivce!  Thank you ladies for your many years of dedication to our practice and your wonderful care of our patients!

VP Dentistry celebrated two birthdays in July!  Janice is pictured (with Trish) in the lower photo while Michelle is seen with fellow "crew members" in the photo shown below.  Happy Birthday Ladies!!!

The photo below shows Lona celebrating her 19-year work anniversary at VP Dentistry! Happy Anniversary, Lona!!!

It's summertime!  Victoria has the office ready for our patients to spend a day at the beach!  By the way ... now would be a good time to come in for a cleaning if you're due and beat the back-to-school rush!  VP Dentistry hopes you're having a great summer!!!

The photo below shows members from VP Dentistry celebrating Janice's 20-year work anniversary!  Janice (front right) is seen accompanied by Dr. and Mrs. Rampi, Dr. Palmer, and Marie.  The group enjoyed a delicious dinner at A Land Remembered located at Rosen Shingle Creek.  Again, Happy Anniversary Janice!!!

Victoria did a wonderful job in decorating the office in preparation for the celebration of our great country's independence.  Here is an example of our 4th of July decorations ... beautifully decorated as always.  Happy 4th of July everybody!

VP Dentistry celebrated four work anniversaries in June!  Shown below is Primerose celebrating her 4-year work annivesary!  Happy Annivservary Primerose!!!  Below Primerose's photo are photos of Janice, Alexis, and Dr. Palmer who also celebrated their special day in June!

On June 10, 1999, Venetian Pointe Dentistry had the good fortune of hiring Janice to manage the front desk office.  Twenty years later, we have now celebrated this 20-year anniversary!  Photos are shown below of some of the festivities we enjoyed in her honor!  Janice ... Happy 20-Year Anniversary!!!

Shown pictured below are Alexis and Dr. Palmer who have now been members of "the crew" for two years each.  Happy Anniversary to you both!

Spring 2019

Pictured below are Dr. and Mrs. Palmer along with Dr. and Mrs. Rampi.  The couples are shown dining in early June at the Bull & Bear.  They are celebrating their official culmination of the events leading to their partnership ... Venetian Pointe Dentistry, PLLC.  Congratulations to Drs. Palmer and Rampi in this partnership!

Venetian Pointe Dentistry celebrated two birthdays in May!  Heyam (lower photo below) and Kimberly (upper photo below) are shown below celebrating their special days!  Happy Birthday ladies!!!

Drs. Rampi and Palmer enjoyed a delicious luncheon on Secretary's Day with "the crew" from VP Dentistry in recognition for their dedicated service.  Thank you all for your hard work and the excellent care you provide for our patients!  The group photo from the luncheon is shown below.

Pictured below is Katina who's the newest member of "The Crew" at Venetian Pointe Dentistry.  Katina is a Registered Dental Hygienist.  She has served the Orlando area as a dental hygienist since 2000.  Katina was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida ... so, yes ... she's a Gator!  Her complete bio can be found elsewhere in our website ("Tap for Menu" - "About Us" - "Meet the Crew").  Welcome aboard, Katina!!!  

Victoria has the office all set for the Easter Bunny!  Happy Easter!!!

Venetian Pointe Dentistry enjoyed celebrating Dr. and Mrs. Palmer's adoption of their daughter, Chloe!  Shown below is VP Dentistry hosting a baby shower thrown to welcome Chloe's arrival.  If you look closely you can see Chloe lovingly nestled in her mommy's arm.  Congratulations!

Venetian Pointe Dentistry celebrated three birthdays in March!  First up was Lona (bottom picture), followed by Janie (middle picture) and Laura (top picture)!  Happy Birthday Ladies!!!

The office is all set for St. Patty's Day! Top of the morning to you ... and the rest of the day too!!!

Victoria and Sara celebrated their work anniversaries in early March!  We have had the pleasure of having Victoria as a loyal member of "our crew" for 26 years (shown pictured below with Trish). Sara, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer celebrating her first year at VP Dentistry (bottom photo)!  Happy Anniversary ladies!!!


The photo below shows us celebrating Marie's 22nd Work Anniversary at Venetian Pointe Dentistry!  Having joined VP Dentistry on February 16,1997, Marie has been extremely instrumental in serving as Insurance Coordinator and as the Accounts Receivable Manager.  Marie, thank you for 22 wonderful years of your dedication and hard work at the office!  Happy Anniversary!!!

Cupid paid a visit to Venetian Pointe Dentistry!  Happy Valentine's Day 2019!!!

"The crew" celebrated Sara's birthday in January!  Happy Birthday Sara!!!

Happy New Year!  All of us here at Venetian Pointe Dentistry wish for you and yours all the best in this coming new year!  We'll look forward to seeing you soon!

Winter 2018

Venetian Pointe Dentistry celebrated 5 office birthdays in December! Included were celebrations for Alexis, Ana, Dr. Palmer, Marie, and Trish (from bottom to top).  Happy Birthday to you all!

"The crew" is shown below celebrating the holidays!  We enjoyed a dinner out near Lake Eola in downtown Orlando!  The food was tasty and, as always, we enjoyed each other's company! 

Despite the unseasonably warm temperature outside, the office at VP Dentistry looks like a winter wonderland!  Happy Holidays to you all!  Drs. Rampi and Palmer.

Fall 2018

Dr. Rampi and his wife (Trish) were blessed with the arrival of their first grandchild - a healthy son born to their daughter (Rachael) and her husband (Patrick)!  The new bundle of love (Benjamin) is shown below enjoying his first Thanksgiving!!!  Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

Many parts of our great country have already experienced "natures fireworks" (fall foliage).  Unfortunately, Orlando seems to get overlooked when it comes to fall colors.  However, at least one exception can be found inside the office of Venetian Pointe Dentistry!!!  Once again, Victoria has the office all decked out in celebration of the arrival of autumn!

The photo below shows Kimberly and Heyam celebrating their work anniversaries in November!  Kimberly (pictured on the right) has now served patients at Venetian Pointe Dentistry for 26 years while Heyam is celebrating her one-year anniversary.  Happy Anniversary ladies ... thank you for your service!

"The crew" had a wonderful time celebrating our annual Halloween festivities!  Pictured below is our group photo showing the participants.  The theme for this year's costume party was "Time Machine".  Pictured on the back row from from left to right are Sony & Cher along with their announcer, King Arthur with a medieval princess, a pirate, Cleopatra, and cave people.  In the foreground was a goup from Happy Days including sock hops, the "cool girl", and The Fonz!  A good time was had by all!!!

Shown below is Victoria celebrating her birthday in October!  Happy Birthday Victoria!!!

Halloween is right around the corner and Victoria has our office decorated for the occasion  Happy Halloween!

Pictured below is one of the newest members of "The Crew" at Venetian Pointe Dentsitry.  Her name is Ana; she serves as a receptionist and front desk assistant.  Ana is also a Certified Dental Assistant with experience serving in this capacity.  Her complete bio can be found elsewhere in our website ("Tap for Menu" - "About Us" - "Meet the Crew").  Welcome aboard, Ana!!!

Summer 2018

Dr. Rampi is shown below celebrating his birthday on September 6th at Venetian Pointe Dentistry!  His wife (Trish) is pictured to the far left, his mother is pictured to his left, and his sister (Marie) is pictured to his right.  We had a special BBQ luncheon celebrated with special people which, of course, includes "the crew"!

We celebrated three work anniversaries in August (see photos below):  Janie (21 years), Michelle (12 years), and Laura (10 years).  Thank you ladies for your many years of dedicated service!

July was filled with numerous celebrations!  We celebrated Lona's 18-year work anniversary along with Michelle's and Janice's birthdays!  Congratulations to you all!

The photo below shows the celebration held for Mom Rampi's 90th birthday in July!  Happy Birthday Mama Lu!!!

The photos below are of our office team before celebrating their office anniversaries in June!  Janice is pictured celebrating 19 years of service while Alexis and Dr. Palmer are celebrating there 1-year anniversary with us.  We celebtrated Primerose's 3-year work anniversary later in June.  Congratulations to all, and thank you for continuing incredible service for our patients!

Victoria has the office ready to go for our 4th of July celebration!  Happy 4th!

Spring 2018

We at Venetian Pointe Dentistry enjoy celebrating occasions!  In May we celebrated Heyam's and Kimberly's Birthdays!  Happy Birthday ladies!!!

We sincerely appreciate our established patients entrusting their oral health in our care ... thank you!  If you are "browsing" but not yet a patient, we invite you to allow us to "Guide the Way" to better oral health!  Do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you or if there’s anything you would like to share with us!

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