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Summer 2018

Pictured below is the newest member of "The Crew" at Venetian Pointe Dentistry.  Her name is Brittny; she serves at our office as a dental hygienist.  See her complete bio elsewhere on our website ("Tap for Menu" - "About Us" - "Meet the Crew").  Her addition was made in order to expand our workforce for our hygiene department.  This is an effort on our part to best accomodate the needs of our patients seeking appointments with the dental hygienist.  We will continue to do our best to completely satisfy you as a patient at Venetian Pointe Dentistry.  Welcome aboard ... Brittny!!!

The photo below shows the celebration held for Mom Rampi's 90th birthday in July!  Happy Birthday Mama Lu!!!

The photos below are of our office team before celebrating their office anniversaries!  Janice is pictured celebrating 19 years of service while Alexis and Dr. Palmer are celebrating there 1-year anniversary with us.  We celebtrated Primerose's 3-year work anniversary later in June.  Congratulations to all, and thank you for continuing incredible service for our patients!

Office Team - VP Dentistry


Victoria did a wonderful office in decorating the office in preparation for the celebration of our great country's independence. Here is an example of our July 4th decorations ... beautifully decorated as always. Happy 4th of July everybody!

Office views showing waiting room Orlando Florida


Spring 2018

June is here but it's still sprintime! Victoria has performed a beautiful job decorating the office to celebrate springtime! Victoria is the office decorator extraordinaire! Already this year we’ve celebrated New Years, Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s Day, and Easter. Next up will be Independence Day (which will be set up in June). Stay tuned!

We at Venetian Pointe Dentistry enjoy celebrating occasions!  In May we celebrated Heyam's and Kimberly's Birthdays!  Happy Birthday ladies!!!

We hope that you have a wonderful spring and will look forward to having you visit with us soon! Do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you or if there’s anything you would like to share with us. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to assist you in “Guiding the Way” to your better oral health!

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