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While many things have changed since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your safety.  Infection control has always been a top priority for our practice in order to ensure that your dental care is provided in a safe and comfortable environment.

For the safety of us all, we have instituted the following protocol in order to greet you when you arrive.  This portion of our website was last revised on May 19, 2022.  Prior versions of our protocol have been filed and are available upon request.

COVID-19 Screening and Safety Protocol

1) You may enter upon your arrival unless you prefer to wait in your car until we're ready to seat you.  If you prefer the latter (to wait in your car), call us upon your arrival (407-352-6959).

2) Our preference is that facemasks be worn by all individuals while inside our facility.  However, as the pandemic has evolved, we realize this is a subject open to interpretation.  Therefore, the wearing of facemasks is optional at this time and is a personal decision made by each patient based upon their own preferance and their own health concerns.  Operators (including dentists, hygienists, and assistants) will wear facemasks which has been a standard practice that predates COVID-19.  All of the members of our staff have been encouraged to have the COVID-19 vaccine adiminstered along with an appropriate booster(s).  While this is our recommendation, we do not feel we are able to mandate vaccines for the staff members at this time.

3) We kindly ask that you practice safe social distancing while in our office.  Whenever possible, come no closer than 6 feet away from other patients and also members of our staff other than those staff members who will be greeting you, providing your treatment, or dismissing you.

4) New patients will be required to complete a written questionnaire related to COVID-19. This form will also provide a section which will require your signature consenting to treatment.  We encourage that you print then complete this form prior to your arrival.  Click here to access the form.  Existing patients may be asked to complete this from time-to-time.

5) DO NOT ENTER if you are COVID positive, if you have any signs or symptoms of COVID infection, or if you have been exposed to someone who is COVID positive within the past 10 days.  Common signs or symptoms of COVID infection may include (but are not limited to) the following: fever, a persistent cough, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, fatigue, headache, sudden loss of taste and/or smell, headache, muscular/joint pain, nasal congestion, heavy nasal discharge, sore throat, nauseau, and/or vomiting.

6) One of the dentists will be consulted if there are any questions or concerns.

7) Once clearance has been authorized, you will then be escorted either directly to your assigned treatment room or asked to be seated in the reception room (again, sitting no closer than 6 feet to another person other than those who accompanied you).  Your patience and cooperation will be appreciated.

As stated previously, infection control has always been a top priorty for our practice which you may have noticed during your visits to our office.  Our office strictly adhers to the infection control recommendations made by the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration (OSHA).  We do this to promote the safety of us all and so that our techniques are current and adhere to each agencies' guidelines and requirements.  Having private treatment rooms is an asset since this prevents the spread of aerosols from one room to the next.

We look foward to seeing you again soon and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the steps we take to keep you, and every patient, safe in our practice.  Thank you for being our patient.  We value your trust and loyalty and look foward to welcoming back our patients, neighbors, and friends.  Yours in "Guiding the Way" ... Drs. Rampi, Palmer, and Rampi.

Summer 2022

Laura is pictured below enjoying a beautfiul bouquet of mostly purple flowers (her favorite color)!  She received these in celebration of her 14-year work anniversary!  You can see how she's pointing to the spot where she wants to be added to the anniversary painting next year (after 15 years of employement).  If you're not familiar with the Anniversary Painting and you'd like to know about this, click here.

VPD had the good fortune of having Michelle join "the crew" in 2006!  Sixteen years later, she has been and continues to be a great asset to our office!  Michelle is pictured below enjoying a bouquet of flowers sent in her honor! She's seen standing in front of our "Anniversary Painting" which features 8 staff members who have served at our office for 15 years or more!  Happy Anniversary Michelle!!!

Janie is shown below enjoying a bouquet she received in recognition for her 25 years of service at VPD!  Janie is one of four members of "the crew" celebrating milestone anniversaries this year.  Also celebrating a milestone this year are Trish (35 years), Kimberly (30 years), and Marie (25 years).  A reception will be held honoring these four in September!  Happy 25-Year Anniversary, Janie!!!

In Orlando, August is "Back to School" Time!  The wish the best of luck and success for all of our students, teachers, and parents for the coming school year ahead!  As seen in the photo below, Victoria has the office all decorated to remind everyone to set their alarm clocks accordingly!!

In addition to our country's birthday (Independence Day), we celebrated two other birthdays in July.  Shown below are Janice (upper) and Michelle (lower) sporting their new Lilly Pulitzer accessories.  Happy Birthday to you both!!!

Pictured below is Rebecca enjoying her gorgeous bouqet of flowers she received in recognition of her 1-year anniversary.  Rebecca has been such a wonderful addition to the team serving you at the front desk.  Happy Anniversary Rebecca!

If you scroll down and view the contents of our blog, you'll see how we love celebrating birthdays here at VPD.  The birthday of our country is no exception.  As seen in the photo below, Victoria has the office all decorated to commemorate this special occasion.  Happy Birthday America ... Happy 4th of July!

Summer fun at VPD!  Victoria has the office all ready to go (see below)!  Bring a beach towel!!!

Spring 2022

Dr. Rick is shown below enjoying a new treaure he received for two occasions!  Dr. Rick's one-year work anniversary was on June 17 and his birthday was on June 18!  Happy Anniversary AND Happy Birthday to Dr. Rick!!!

On June 10, 1999 (23 years ago!), VPD had the good fortune of employing Janice to serve as receptionist and front desk manager!  Shown below is a bouquet received in honoring her dedication and loyalty as a member of "the crew"!  Janice is an amazing asset to our practice; she literally is the "human database of information" with our 10K+ patients who call VPD home!  Happy 23-Year Anniversary, Janice!

Dr. Palmer is shown below celebrating his 5-year anniversary at VPD!  He'll enjoy his new Hawaiian Shaved Ice Maker with Cherry, Grape, and Blue Raspberry flavors!  Happy Anniversary!!!

The photo below shows a dinner date held between Drs. Rick, Palmer, and Rampi along with their significant others.  They are seen celebrating Dr. Rick's purchase into the practice.  This process began in December of 2021 but was not officially concluded until mid-May.  They are enjoying dining at "The H" located not far from the office.  Dr. Rick - congratulations again for becoming a member of VPD!

VP Dentistry celebrated three birthdays in the month of May.  Shown below (from top to bottom) are Rebecca, Kimberly, and Gabby!  Happy Birthday ladies!!!

Jessie is shown below celebrating her birthday at the end of April.  Happy Birthday Jessie!!!

In case you missed it, Secretary's Day (aka - Adminstrative Professionals' Day) this year was Wednesday, April 27th.  The doctors all consider all members of "the crew" to be "adminstrative professionals" and we greatly appreciate their contributions to our practice!  Pictured below is a small handful of this year's attendees at our annual luncheon acknowledging our gratitude!  You've heard of employees going on "strike".  This was certainly the case (at times) during this year's celebration at Drafts which is a grill that includes a bowling alley!  A good time was had by all!  Thanks to all of our adminstration professionals!!!

The photo below shows a beautiful flower arrangement received by Katina in celebrating her 3-year work anniversary ... just in time for spring!  Katina is such a special person and VPD is truly fortunate to have her as a part of the crew!  Happy Anniversary Katina!

Winter 2022

The photos below show three birthday celebrations held at VPD in March!  Included (from top to bottom) are Laura, Janie, and Lona.  Happy Birthday Ladies!!!

I, Dr. Richard C. Rampi, have had the pleasure and honor as serving as “Captain” of VPD since its inception in 1987!  I was blessed from the beginning to have my wife (Trish) by my side as "co-captain" this entire voyage along with the fantastic members of “the crew” and, of course, a dedicated and loyal following of patients.

In June of 2017, VPD had the good fortune of having Dr. Justin Palmer join the crew.  Within a short period of time, Dr. Palmer purchased shares in the corporation and became partial owner.  In June of 2021, I was further blessed by the addition of my son, Richard A. Rampi, DMD (“Dr. Rick”) having joined our practice.  Like Dr. Palmer before him, Dr. Rick also gained ownership soon after his arrival.  In fact, effective January 1, 2022, VPD is nearly completely owned and managed by these two dentists.  I am now a minority (10%) shareholder of the PLLC with Dr. Palmer and Dr. Rick both being equal owners at 45% each.

While I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to “steer the ship” through mostly fair weather, I have complete confidence that, with Dr. Palmer and Dr. Rick at the helm, the future for VPD will undoubtedly be bright!  I look forward to sailing with them as I hope and plan to practice dentistry at VPD for many years to come.  Thanks again to one and all for your support!  For any of you who might be interested is reading the more nostalgic version of my journey as "captain" of VPD, please click here.  I am forever grateful, yours truly – Dr. R

It's Valentine's Day!  We do love our patients!  Happy Valetine's Day 2022!!!

Sara is shown below celebrating her birthday at VPD! She is seen enjoying a new addition to her wardrobe! We're told that at home, her birthday celebration included a ride on a real live elephant at The Two Tails Ranch!  Wow ... what a birthday! Happy Birthday Sara!!!

Katina is shown below celebrating her birthday!  Katina's birthday is New Year's Day ... Happy Birthday, Katina!!!

Happy New Year 2022!  All of us a VPD are wishing all of you good health and joy in the new year ahead!  As shown below, Victoria has the office all set for the new year!

Winter 2021

Marie (lower photo) and Patricia (upper photo) are shown below celebrating their birthdays in late December!  Happy Birthday ladies!!!

Dr. Palmer is shown below with his new treasure he received for his birthday (a train set he'll enjoy with his children)!  Happy Birthday Dr. Palmer!!!

The members of the crew enjoyed each others company at the 34th Annual Office Christmas Party!  A party was held at the Rampi's home.  Shown below is Dr. Rick opening a goodie.  A good time was had by all!

Serving our community has many, many rewards; none are greater than the professional relationships we enjoy with our patients.  VP Dentistry wish for all of you Happy Holidays!

Fall 2021

Irina is shown below celebrating her birthday in November!  Happy Birthday Irina!!!

VP Dentistry enjoyed celebrating two anniversaries in November!  Kimberly joined our office as a dental hygienist 29 years ago whereas Heyam has served as a dental assistant for the past 4 years!  We're so happy to have you both!  Happy Anniversary ladies!!!

As we give thanks during this Thanksgiving holiday, we thank each of you, our valued patient, for entrusting VP Dentistry to "Guide the Way to Better Oral Health"!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

VPD had a lot of fun enjoying our Annual Halloween Bash!  The theme for this year's event was "any form of entertainment with a color in its title"!  Collages are shown below followed by a brief description of each participant!  A good time was had by all!!!

Dr. Rick - Pink Panther .... Sharon - Little Red Riding Hood ... Victoria - Devil With the Blue Dress ... Michelle - Pink

Dr. Rampi and Trish - Green Acres ... Dr. Palmer (and Kids) - Men in Black ... Sara - Blue (by Eiffel 65) ... Kimberly - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Gabby - Pink Power Ranger ... Rebecca - Rasberry Beret ... Laura (and Janie) - Snow White ... Lona - Legally Blonde

Shown below is Victoria celebrating her birthday at VP Dentistry in October!  Happy Birthday Victoria!!!

Summer 2021

Dr. RC Rampi is pictured below celebrating his birthday in September alongside his wife (Trish)!  BTW: it's clear to see someone is a big fan of the Gators!  Happy Birthday Doc!

Laura and Lona are shown below celebrating office anniversaries in August!  Laura (upper photo) has been a loyal member of "the crew" for 13 years while Lona has been a valued member for 21 years!  Happy Anniversaries, ladies!!!

Shown below is VP Dentistry's  "Anniversary Painting".  This is a painting displayed in our office showing our office building located at the pointe in a fictional bay that we affectionately refer to as "Venetian Pointe".  After 15 years of service, that particular member of "the crew" is painted into the scene standing in front of the building.  From left to right are current members of the staff including: Lona (on the dock with the fishing pole ... now at 21 years), Michelle (15 years), Victoria (28), Kimberly (29), Janice (22), Marie (24), and Janie (24).  Not to be overlooked are a few other members of the crew found in the gondola - namely, Dr. Rampi and his wife Trish (34 years) along with their son (Dr. Rick) who, in June of this year, officially became a member of the crew serving as a dentist!  Thank you all for your fantastic service!

Three members of "the crew" celebrated work anniversaries in August.  Included from bottom to top are Janie (24 years!), Ana (3 years!), and Michelle (15 years!)! Fifteen years is a milestone with special meaning at VPD celebrated with a luncheon and also being included in the Anniversary Painting (see above).  Shown below is the staff lounge just prior to Michelle's luncheon; the theme was was a spin-off from "Tiffany & Co." ("Michelle & Co. - Est. 2006)!  Happy Anniversary to you all!  Coming soon ... the celebration of Laura's anniversary!

Janice is pictured below receiving a new goodie while celebrating her birthday in July!  Happy Birthday, Janice!

Shown below is Michelle celebrating a special birthday at VP Dentistry in July! Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Spring 2021

Two members of "the crew" celebrated birthdays in June!  Shown below are Dr. Rick and Shawna! Dr. Rick was given a key to the office attached to a UCF lanyard along with a straw hat to protect him from the strong Florida sun! Shawna is showing off her new Tampa Bay Bucs gear! Dr. Rick is now truly a "key member" of the crew!  Happy Birthday to you both!!!

VP Dentistry celebrated three work anniversaries in June!  Included were Dr. Palmer (4 years), Janice (22 years), and Primerose (6 years)!  These are shown below from top to bottom.  Happy Anniversary to all!!!

The photo below shows Dr. Richard A. Rampi and his fiancee Dr. Kiara Garcia just prior to graduating from UAB School of Dentistry on June 5th!  Dr. Rick Rampi will be the newest member of VP Dentistry serving as an associate dentist beginning sometime near the end of June!  Please welcome "Dr. Rick" during your next visit at our office!  "Best Wishes" to you both!!!

Sara is soon expecting the arrival of a baby girl!  A baby shower was thrown at the office to welcome the new addition!  Sara is shown below displaying some of her goodies!  Congratulations, Sara!!!

Three occasions were celebrated in mid-May as shown in the photos below!  Included (from top to bottom) were Kimberly's birthday, Heyam's birthday, and Roula's 1-year work anniversary!  Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary ladies!!!

We enjoyed celebrating Katina's 2-year work anniversary on April 1st!  Happy Anniverary!

We celebrated two anniversaries in the month of March!  Pictured below is Sara (3 years) followed by Victoria (27 years)!  Happy Anniversary ladies!!

We celebrated four birthdays in the month of March!  The "birthday girls" are shown below.  From top to bottom are pictured Laura, Primerose, Janie, and Lona!  Happy Birthday ladies!!!

Winter 2021

Victoria has the office all set for St. Patty's Day 2021!  Top of the morning to you ... and, the rest of the day too!!!

Marie is shown below celebrating her 24-year work anniversary at VP Dentistry!  Thank you for 24 wonderful years, Marie!  Congratulations!!!

Dr. and Mrs. Palmer are shown below dining with Dr. and Mrs. Rampi along with their son (Dr. Richard A. Rampi) and his beautiful fiancee (Kiara).  The six of them enjoyed a delicious dinner at Christinis Ristorante Italiano celebrating Rick and Kiara's successful completion of the lisencure exam needed to practice dentistry in the State of Florida.  As many of you know already, Rick plans to join VPD in June of 2021... coming soon!!!  Congratulations, Rick and Kiara!!!

Happy Valentine's Day 2021! 

Members of "the crew" can be seen below ringing in new year! Happy New Year!!!

Winter 2020

Marie and Patricia are shown below celebrating their birthdays in late December (Marie above, Patricia below)!  Happy Birthday ladies!!!

Dr. Palmer enjoyed celebrating his birthday in mid-December!  He's shown pictured below opening some of his new goodies!

Birthdays were celebrated in early December for Roula and Ana!  These ladies are shown below (Ana above and Roula below).  Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Holidays to all!

Fall 2020

Happy Thanksgiving 2020!!!

The photos below show two dedicated members of "the crew" celebrating their work anniversaries!  VP Dentistry had the good fortune of Kimberly joining the crew in 1992 (28 years ago!) whereas Heyam is a relative newcomer having joined our team in 2017!  Happy Anniversary ladies!!!

VP Dentistry enjoyed celebrating Victoria's birthday immediately following our annual OSHA meeting!  You can see how she's joined by her new friend in the corner who doesn't seem to mind at all a lack of "social distancing"!  Also, check out the yummy "dirt cups" in the foreground compliments of Trish!  Again, Happy Birhtday Victoria!!!

The photo below shows Lona enjoying her new "treasures" received when celebrating her 20-year work anniversary with VP Dentistry!  She and her husband joined Dr. and Mrs. Palmer along with Dr. and Mrs. Rampi for a delicious dinner at Del Frisco's!  She has now joined the "Venetian Pointe Dentistry 20-Year Anniverary Club" shared with Trish, Kimberly, Victoria, Marie, Janie, and Janice!  Again, Happy 20-Year Anniversary Lona!!!

Halloween at VP Dentistry was not typical this year as a result of the pandemic.  For example, in keeping with guidelines from the CDC, the Annual Halloween Bash was cancelled.  Not only this, the decorations which are usually "spooktaculer" were somewhat subdued.  However, Victoria did manage to display some Halloween spirit such as what's shown below.  Albeit not a typical year, Happy Halloween!

Summer 2020

Dr. Rampi enjoyed the celebration of his 60th birthday in early September.  Happy Birthday!!!

Venetian Pointe Dentistry celebrated four work anniversaries in August!  Included were Janie (23 years), Michelle (14 years), Laura (12 years), and Ana (2 years).  These ladies are shown photographed respectively (from top to bottom).  Congratulations to you all and thank your dedication to our practice!!!

Venetian Pointe Dentistry celebrated two birthdays in July - Janice and MIchelle (see upper and lower photos below, respectively).  Happy Birthday ladies!!!

Spring 2020

VP Dentistry enjoyed celebrating Primerose's 5-year work anniversary (pictured below)!  We had the good fortune of having Primerose join "the crew" immediately following her internship when becoming a Certified Dental Assistant!  Happy Anniversary!!!

In early June, we celebrated the anniveraries of the following members of "the crew" (shown pictured below from top to bottom):  Janice (21 years), Dr. Palmer (3 years), Alexis (3 years), Katina (1 year), and Victoria (27 years).  We sincerely appreciate your dedication to VP Dentistry ... Happy Anniversaries to all!!!

After a long hiatus resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, we at VP Dentistry reopened our doors to serve the dental community on Monday, May 11th.  We missed out on a few occasions during the "lockdown" but we quickly caught up the week we reopened by celebrating three birthdays in mid-May.  Included were the three members of "the crew" shown below:  Laura (upper left), Heyam (upper right), and Kimberly (bottom).  Happy Birthday ladies! Welcome back everyone!!!

VP Dentistry celebrated Sara's 2-year work anniversary in March!  Pictured below is Sara enjoying her new treats!  Happy Anniversary, Sara!!!

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!!!

Pictured below are moments caputred during Lona's baby shower held at VP Dentistry!  Congratulations Lona!!!

VP Dentistry will be celebrating three birthdays in March!  The first one up was Lona (lower picture)!  Next was Janie (upper picture)!  Laura will be next!  Happy Birthday ladies!!!

Winter 2020

As shown below, we celebrated Marie's 23-year work anniversary in February. She's joined by a couple of her workmates - Kimberly and Lona!  Happy Anniversary!!!

Cupid paid a visit to VP Dentistry!  Happy St. Valentine's Day 2020!!!

VP Dentistry celebrated Katina's (left) and Sara's (right) birthdays in January!  Happy Birthday ladies!!!

Happy New Year 2020!  All of us here at Venetian Pointe Dentistry wish for you and yours all the best in the coming new year!  We'll look forward to seeing you soon!

Winter 2019

VP Dentistry celebrated 5 crew-member birthdays in December!  The photos below show each during their special moment.  From top (late-December) to bottom (early-December), the photos show the following:  Patricia, Marie, Dr. Palmer, Ana, and Alexis. Happy Birthday to you all!

The crew from VP Dentistry enjoyed a nice Christmas celebration on December 7th.  The festifvities transpired at Enzo's Hideaway located in Disney Springs.  Shown below are several photos of members of the team showing off their new treasures obtained during our annual oranment exchange!

Winter doesn't officially begin until December 21st.  However, Jack Frost has paid an early visit to VP Dentistry!  As seen in the photos below, Victoria has the office all decked out!

Fall 2019

As seen in the photos below, fall colors are peak at VP Dentistry!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Heyam (left) and Kimberly (right) are shown below celebrating their work anniversaries at VP Dentistry.  Heyam joined "the crew" two years ago whereas Kimberly has been a valued member of the crew for the past 27 years!  Thank you ladies for your dedication and for the exceptional service you provide for our patients!!!

The several photos shown below depict "the crew" at VP Dentistry having a great time participating in the annual Halloween bash!  This year's "theme" was a murder-mystery spin-off of the board game Clue!

The group photo is shown above.  Included in the background from left to right are The Fortune Teller (Heyam), The Banker (Kimberly), Bernadette (a flapper, Lona), The Baker (Janice), Mrs. Gold (another flapper, Laura), Mrs. Peacock (Trish), The Mayor of Monopulus (Dr. Rampi), and Inspector Clouseau (Dr. Palmer).  In the foreground are The Gardener (Marie) and The Black Widow (Victoria).

The mayor was the victim.  The inspector did solve the mystery with the perpetrator being The Black Widow who strategically placed one of her many black widow spiders which resulted in the mayor's death!  A good time was had by all (and Dr. Rampi is alive and well!)!!!  Individual photos are shown below.

The photo below shows Trish and Victoria celebrating Victoria's birhtday (along with other members of "the crew" not pictured)!  Happy Birthday Victoria!!!

Boss's Day 2019 was Wednesday, October 16th!  The photo below shows the wonderful celebration held at VP Dentistry!  Janice, Janie, and others provided a delicious spread which featured Janice's delectable Cuban sandwhiches!  Drs. Rampi and Palmer thank "the crew" for the acknowledgment!!!

It's October 1st ... Halloween is right around the corner!  As shown in the photo below, Victoria has the office all ready for the occasion!  Happy Halloween!!!

Summer 2019

The photo below shows Dr. Rampi being double teamed while celebrating his birthday!  Meanwhile, Grandson Ben is not sure what to make of this!!!

It's back-to-school time and Victoria has the office all set ... “the teacher is in"!  Back-to-school is an exciting time of the year!  We at VP Dentistry hope your summertime was special!  We'll look forward to seeing you again soon!

VP Dentistry celebrated the work anniversary of four of its crew members in August!  Pictured below from left to right are Janie (22 years!), Michelle (13 years!), Laura Mae (11 years!), and Ana (1 year!)!!!  Between these four, there's 47 years worth of excellent serivce!  Thank you ladies for your many years of dedication to our practice and your wonderful care of our patients!

VP Dentistry celebrated two birthdays in July!  Janice is pictured (with Trish) in the lower photo while Michelle is seen with fellow "crew members" in the photo shown below.  Happy Birthday Ladies!!!

The photo below shows Lona celebrating her 19-year work anniversary at VP Dentistry! Happy Anniversary, Lona!!!

It's summertime!  Victoria has the office ready for our patients to spend a day at the beach!  By the way ... now would be a good time to come in for a cleaning if you're due and beat the back-to-school rush!  VP Dentistry hopes you're having a great summer!!!

The photo below shows members from VP Dentistry celebrating Janice's 20-year work anniversary!  Janice (front right) is seen accompanied by Dr. and Mrs. Rampi, Dr. Palmer, and Marie.  The group enjoyed a delicious dinner at A Land Remembered located at Rosen Shingle Creek.  Again, Happy Anniversary Janice!!!

Victoria did a wonderful job in decorating the office in preparation for the celebration of our great country's independence.  Here is an example of our 4th of July decorations ... beautifully decorated as always.  Happy 4th of July everybody!

VP Dentistry celebrated four work anniversaries in June!  Shown below is Primerose celebrating her 4-year work annivesary!  Happy Annivservary Primerose!!!  Below Primerose's photo are photos of Janice, Alexis, and Dr. Palmer who also celebrated their special day in June!

On June 10, 1999, Venetian Pointe Dentistry had the good fortune of hiring Janice to manage the front desk office.  Twenty years later, we have now celebrated this 20-year anniversary!  Photos are shown below of some of the festivities we enjoyed in her honor!  Janice ... Happy 20-Year Anniversary!!!

Shown pictured below are Alexis and Dr. Palmer who have now been members of "the crew" for two years each.  Happy Anniversary to you both!

Spring 2019

Pictured below are Dr. and Mrs. Palmer along with Dr. and Mrs. Rampi.  The couples are shown dining in early June at the Bull & Bear.  They are celebrating their official culmination of the events leading to their partnership ... Venetian Pointe Dentistry, PLLC.  Congratulations to Drs. Palmer and Rampi in this partnership!

Venetian Pointe Dentistry celebrated two birthdays in May!  Heyam (lower photo below) and Kimberly (upper photo below) are shown below celebrating their special days!  Happy Birthday ladies!!!

Drs. Rampi and Palmer enjoyed a delicious luncheon on Secretary's Day with "the crew" from VP Dentistry in recognition for their dedicated service.  Thank you all for your hard work and the excellent care you provide for our patients!  The group photo from the luncheon is shown below.

Pictured below is Katina who's the newest member of "The Crew" at Venetian Pointe Dentistry.  Katina is a Registered Dental Hygienist.  She has served the Orlando area as a dental hygienist since 2000.  Katina was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida ... so, yes ... she's a Gator!  Her complete bio can be found elsewhere in our website ("Tap for Menu" - "About Us" - "Meet the Crew").  Welcome aboard, Katina!!!  

Victoria has the office all set for the Easter Bunny!  Happy Easter!!!

Venetian Pointe Dentistry enjoyed celebrating Dr. and Mrs. Palmer's adoption of their daughter, Chloe!  Shown below is VP Dentistry hosting a baby shower thrown to welcome Chloe's arrival.  If you look closely you can see Chloe lovingly nestled in her mommy's arm.  Congratulations!

Venetian Pointe Dentistry celebrated three birthdays in March!  First up was Lona (bottom picture), followed by Janie (middle picture) and Laura (top picture)!  Happy Birthday Ladies!!!

Victoria and Sara celebrated their work anniversaries in early March!  We have had the pleasure of having Victoria as a loyal member of "our crew" for 26 years (shown pictured below with Trish). Sara, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer celebrating her first year at VP Dentistry (bottom photo)!  Happy Anniversary ladies!!!

The photo below shows us celebrating Marie's 22nd Work Anniversary at Venetian Pointe Dentistry!  Having joined VP Dentistry on February 16,1997, Marie has been extremely instrumental in serving as Insurance Coordinator and as the Accounts Receivable Manager.  Marie, thank you for 22 wonderful years of your dedication and hard work at the office!  Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy Valentine's Day 2019!!!

"The crew" celebrated Sara's birthday in January!  Happy Birthday Sara!!!

Happy New Year 2019!  All of us here at Venetian Pointe Dentistry hope your holidays were special!  We'll look forward to seeing you soon!

Winter 2018

Venetian Pointe Dentistry celebrated 5 office birthdays in December! Included were celebrations for Alexis, Ana, Dr. Palmer, Marie, and Trish (from bottom to top).  Happy Birthday to you all!

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