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Put any concerns about your comfort and your overall dental health to rest when you get to know our dental team. Our crew is a tight-knit family that is ready to serve the needs of your family.

Although there are relative newcomers to our team, as you will read below, two staff members have served at Venetian Pointe Family Dentistry for more than 25 years, two for more than 20 years, two for nearly 20 years, and a few for nearly ten years or more.


Office Manager

Atalie is our office manager. She graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Atalie has over 15 years of experience in dental practice management in various fields of dentistry and is also a fully trained dental assistant.

Atalie is a native of Orlando and has lived in Central Florida all her life. Atalie has two amazing children, Laila and Lincoln, and enjoys spending free time with them outdoors. She is very big into fitness and staying healthy.

Atalie loves working in the dental field and being able to work with patients to educate them on the importance of their dental health. At the same time, Atalie likes to present affordable options to make the needed treatment possible. She is very excited to work with all our skilled and dedicated providers who always go above and beyond to provide their patients with the best dental care possible. Atalie is ready, willing, and able to assist in "Guiding the Way to Better Oral Health"!

Office Assistants


Patricia oversees the accounts payable. Being the wife of Dr. Rampi since 1985, Trish has been with Venetian Pointe Dentistry since its inception in 1987. She especially enjoys the crew she works with and the patients she has come to know.

She graduated from Auburn University with a BA in psychology and a BA in Spanish in 1981. Afterward, she graduated with honors from the University of Florida with a master’s degree and a specialist’s degree in counseling.

Trish and Dr. Rampi have two wonderful children: Ricky (1988) and Rachael (1990). Her interests include spending time with her family, gardening, art, boating, hiking, winter sports, and long walks on the beach. Trish is a fantastic and creative baker!


Marie is the insurance coordinator. She has been with this practice since 1997 and has worked in the medical field since 1987. Marie was born in New Jersey and moved to Orlando at the age of four.

Marie is the mother of two grown children and has several grandchildren and a dog named Rusty. She also has two grandsons, a granddaughter, and two step-granddaughters. Marie enjoys cooking, being outside, and spending time with family and friends. She has known Dr. Rampi since the day he was born (being his older sister)!

Marie’s favorite part of her job is getting insurance companies to pay for what the patients deserve. She has forged individual bonds with all her fellow employees. Marie respects the conservative, honest, and compassionate demeanor of both Dr. Rampi and Dr. Palmer: the “Dynamic Duo.” She has become one of the favorites at the annual Halloween costume party!


Janice is the front desk manager. She has been with Venetian Pointe Dentistry since 1999. Janice has been working in dentistry for more than 25 years, as both a dental assistant and general office support.

Originally from Ohio, Janice relocated to Orlando in 1998. She has been happily married since 1977. She has two grown children and two grandsons. The newest addition to the family is a puppy named Coco. Janice enjoys cooking, running, and spending time with family and friends. She has a weakness for Cheez-Its.

Janice’s favorite part of her job is interacting and building relationships with the patients and, of course, all her buddies at work. She admires both Dr. Rampi’s and Dr. Palmer’s compassion and professionalism toward our patients and the staff. She says, “The office is a FUN place to work!”

Dental Assistants


Victoria is Dr. Rampi’s most senior dental assistant, having been with his practice since 1991. After having tried retirement for a couple of years, she rejoined the crew in March 2010. Victoria began dental assisting in 1987 while living in Wisconsin. Victoria moved to Orlando in 1990 and attended Orlando Vo-Tech where she earned a certificate in expanded duties.

Victoria has been happily married to her husband, Gary, since 1988. She has one son, who was born in 1981. Victoria’s pride and joy are her granddaughters. She enjoys bike riding, meditation, semi-retirement, and spending time with her granddaughters.

Victoria especially enjoys interacting with the patients and especially in a “fun sort of way.” She feels that laughter is the best medicine. She also enjoys the camaraderie with the staff as well as with the patients. Victoria loves Dr. Rampi because as she says, “He gets me.” She would like to tell prospective patients: “Ay, mateys; we run a tight ship here, arrrr — Dr. Rampi is our captain, Dr. Palmer is our co-captain, Trish (his wife) is the first mate, and the rest of us are his faithful and lovable crew!”

She is the one in charge of all the beautiful holiday decorations so enjoyed at our office. Victoria was the first figure to be painted in our Venetian office portrait, which is an honor bestowed on those who have been employed here for more than 15 years.


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Maria was born and raised in Venezuela. While in Venezuela and at the age of 19, Maria attended college, then earned a degree to serve as a dentist. After moving to the U.S., this degree allowed Maria to gain expanded duty functions in dentistry. It's possible, with time, that Maria will continue with the education needed to be licensed to practice as a dentist in the U.S. In the meantime, she is happy to serve as a Certified Dental Assistant.

Maria started at Venetian Pointe Dentistry in January 2022. She felt there was something special here, knowing many of the members of the crew have been serving VPD for a long while. She said her intuition was right and she is enjoying sharing time with them and appreciates their professionalism. She also values how they care for the patients and also their lovely and fun personalities. She especially enjoys comforting patients and helping them feel safe and calm.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys spending time with her husband watching movies and exercising. She also enjoys outdoor activities and playing sports.


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Dental Hygienists


Kimberly is a registered dental hygienist. She began her dental hygiene career in 1992 and has been happily employed at our practice ever since. Kimberly received her degree in dental hygiene from Valencia College in Orlando. Before becoming a dental hygienist, she worked as an orthodontic assistant starting in 1983.

Kimberly has been happily married to her husband, Pete, since 1994. Her interests include decorating, cooking, eating, and spending time with family and friends. Kimberly has a passion for people, especially children.

Kimberly has been employed with this office for more than 25 years. She practices the Golden Rule and enjoys her bonds with her patients. Kimberly loves working with Dr. Rampi and Dr. Palmer because of their compassionate, conservative, and incredible work ethic. She feels that the staff is one big happy family, and they are all good friends at and outside of the office. “We are the whole package!”


Janie is a registered dental hygienist. She began her hygiene career in 1994 and has been with Venetian Pointe Dentistry since 1997. A resident of Orlando since 1987, Jane received her degree in dental hygiene from Valencia College in Orlando. Before her career in dental hygiene, Jane had 15 years of dental assisting experience in South Carolina, New York, and Orlando.

Janie has been married to her husband, Glen, since 1979 and they have three children: Ian, born in 1995, Shannon, born in 1996, and Rhiannon, born in 2000. Her interests include cooking, motorcycling, boating, skiing, and socializing with family, friends, and neighbors.

While Janie has been in dentistry for some time, she looks forward to continuing her career for many years to come. She enjoys good conversations with her patients and her friendship with her fellow crew members. Janie likes working with Dr. Rampi because he is easygoing and honest. The addition of Dr. Palmer in June 2017 has been a great choice, and he is also a pleasure to work with. Janie would like to share that although it may appear that we are having fun at work, everyone takes their jobs and responsibilities very seriously.


Michelle is a registered dental hygienist. She graduated from Valencia College with a degree in dental hygiene. Before that, she completed the dental assisting program at Daytona Beach Community College. Before joining the crew at our office, Michelle worked for nine years as an assistant and hygienist in Orlando. Michelle joined Venetian Pointe Dentistry in 2006.

Michelle is happily married to her husband, Tom, and they have five children and three grandchildren. Michelle and Tom enjoy being empty nesters, but they cherish the times they can have with all the kids together. They are involved in serving at their church, and they enjoy dinners out, exercising, reading, shopping, traveling, and going on adventures.

Michelle likes being in the dental profession and helping people achieve their optimal dental health. She loves seeing her patients every six months and keeping up with their lives and families. She has formed many friendships with her patients over the years. She likes working with Dr. Rampi and Dr. Palmer because they practice dentistry with the utmost integrity and make everyone feel special. She enjoys the office celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries. She also feels the office is a fun, upbeat practice that makes the patients feel right at home, right away.


Laura is a registered dental hygienist. She was welcomed aboard as a member of the crew in 2008. Laura is originally from Minnesota and moved to Orlando in 2001. She graduated from dental assisting school in 2004 and then the dental hygiene program at Valencia College in 2008.

Laura has a daughter born in 2002. Her hobbies include running, going to theme parks and the beach, and hanging out with her family.

Laura tries to put her patients at ease and explains what she is doing so they can know what to expect. She loves talking with her patients and developing connections with them. She likes working with Dr. Rampi and Dr. Palmer because they are honest and hardworking and treat their patients with respect. Laura is a huge Minnesota Vikings fan and loves all sports!


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