Implant Placement

Although regular brushing, flossing and consistent checkups help us maintain proper oral hygiene and health, there are still circumstances that can lead to tooth loss. As dentists, it is always our main goal to try to help you keep your teeth. However, if injury, disease, or some other issue leads to tooth loss, dental implants may be an effective solution.


At Venetian Pointe Dentistry in Orlando, Florida, we administer dental implants to help rejuvenate your smile and restore your oral health. 


Dental implants are synthetic, titanium roots that are implanted surgically by a dentist into the bone of the jaw, effectively replacing a missing tooth. Like hip and other joint replacements, this titanium is extremely biocompatible with human bone. 


Dental implants can be a solution for a single tooth that is missing, multiple teeth, or even a denture set to replace a full arch of missing teeth. Your dentist will determine the number of strategically placed roots in order to support whatever solution is required.


Why dental implants?


Dental implants, when compared to other solutions such as dentures or bridges, provide key benefits that others do not. Conventional bridges and dentures are not attached to the bone. This leads to instability that can affect not only biting and chewing, but also affects the confidence you may have in your smile. 


Implants both look and feel more natural, feeling much more like normal teeth than other solutions. Dental implants do not rely on surrounding teeth for support, and therefore won’t increase the workload of surrounding teeth, which could potentially lead to compromised tooth health. 


While bridges will need to be replaced several times over the years, implants tend to be a much longer term solution. In fact, implants enjoy a 90-95% success rate at 10 years, making them both a cost effective and reliable solution for many patients.


Dental implant services


At Venetian Pointe Dentistry, we offer various implant services right here in Orlando, Florida. Our services include:


Sinus Lift Augmentation:  To perform a dental implant procedure it is important to have enough bone for the implant to be placed. When back upper teeth are lost, sinuses will enlarge, causing an air-filled space where bone is needed for implants. Sinus lift augmentation helps to correct the issue of having insufficient bone quantity and quantity by raising the sinus floor and replacing lost bone. Depending on the complexity of the case, sinus lifts may be sent to the office of a oral surgery specialist.


Sinus lift augmentation often takes between 6 and 9 months to heal completely before a follow-up dental implant procedure can take place.


Implant Site Development: Implant site development simply prepares the implant site for a later procedure. In many cases, a tooth that has been removed due to infection leaves behind areas of lost bone. This leads to bone grafting for implant preparation. 


Computer-Enhanced Treatment Planning: At Venetian Pointe Dentistry, we have special software that helps us to evaluate the best possible placement for your dental implants. The computer will use a 3-D scan to check for bone quality, quantity, and location, and determine any preparative steps needed for your implants including bone grafting or other solutions. 


Implant Maintenance: Just as your natural teeth need consistent checkups with your dentist, implants also require maintenance to keep plaque and tartar from accumulating in the implant area. Your dentist will let you know how often a checkup is necessary based on your individual needs. 


Scheduling a dental implant consultation


If you’ve recently lost a tooth, or have issues that could potentially lead to tooth loss, be sure to schedule a consultation with Venetian Pointe Dentistry in Orlando, Florida as soon as possible. An expert will determine whether you are a candidate for dental implants, and can make a plan for a successful dental implant procedure. 


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